p2 method info
      integrates Pilates with other techniques to increase strength and flexiblity.

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The Method

Susan Spero Cadillac exerciseThe principles of the p2 Pilates Plus Method are based on the individuality of each and every person. Because there is no one system of exercise that is the 'right' exercise for each person, the Method accommodates all the strengths as well as weaknesses of the individual, and their different needs, goals and body types. Taught only to individuals or small groups, the p2 Method is ideal for those people with unique physical limitations or fitness goals whose needs are not met in large group classes.

The p2 Pilates Plus Method is grounded in the work of Joe Pilates. Pilates developed a very well respected and effective exercise regime, which continually evolved as he learned new and better approaches. The p2 Method uses 'classic' pilates exercises as its starting point and then incorporates a variety of new techniques, such as exercises on the stability ball and the Bosu ball, to accommodate the specific needs of each individual client.

Using smooth, integrated exercises, the p2 Pilates Plus Method strengthens the body in movements used in everyday life. The goals of the p2 Method include:

  • proper body alignment
  • development of lean muscles
  • conditioning of deeper abdominal, back and pelvic muscles
  • improved flexibility
  • increased stabilization